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Watch Your StepWatch Your Step is a great game to get people moving. It’s easy to understand and can be utilized as a team or individual game.

PREP TIME– 5-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 2 Balloons for Every Participant (have 2 different colors if you’re playing as teams). 2- 18 inch strings (or ribbon) per person

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes



Start out by having everyone blow up their balloons and attaching the pre-cut string to the balloon on one side and their ankle on the other. They can not shorten the string or tie it higher than their ankle as to give them an unfair advantage. They will tie one balloon to each ankle.

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Fact or FictionDid you know that in Utah, birds have the right of way? Me neither. Oddly enough, they actually have a law specifying this. In Fact or Fiction: Government Gone Crazy, we cover some of more crazy laws!


ITEMS NEEDED– Fact or Fiction: Government Gone Crazy Print Out

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes



Download your Fact or Fiction – Government Gone Crazy print out. Once you have it in hand, simply read it to your group and allow them to make their guesses.

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Gummy BearsWho doesn’t like biting the heads off a gummy bear? Bueller??? Okay, so maybe you don’t have as many issues as me, but you’ll still love Gummy Bear Stick ‘Em!


ITEMS NEEDED– Large Bag of Gummy Bears

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– At least 2 teams of 2 people (you can have more teams of up to 3 people per team)


Well, my intro wasn’t too far off. Teams will bite gummy bears in half (I know, I know, but sacrifices must be made for the good of this game) and then lick the ends so that they will stick to the face of their teammate. You can have up to 2 people sticking the gummy bears on a teammates face, but I recommend no more than that.

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Coming in at #18 on our Top 20 Minute To Win It game list is a super simple game entitled, Defying Gravity.

Not only is this game simple, but it also ranks high on visual appeal and is more difficult than it may sound.

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Donkey Kong Diddy Kong BananasYet another wonderful Wednesday is upon us, so that must mean it’s time for Wednesday’s Wild Game of the Week! Today’s game is Blindfolded Banana Bonanza.

In all honesty, today’s game is not as much a game as it is a bit of a fun prank. That being said, you may have the perfect person in mind by the time you finish reading this post!

PLEASE choose someone who can deal with being laughed at. I recommend older guys, maybe even a leader. You know your group best, but it probably wouldn’t go down real well if you caused a sensitive Jr. High girl to run out crying!!

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Instant Hair Removal

It’s time for another Wild Wednesday game! This week we are sharing INSTANT HAIR REMOVAL. This is a great game for those of you who may have had little time to plan a game this week.

PREP TIME – 1 Minute

ITEMS NEEDED – 4 White Paper Plates, 4 Chairs

GAME TIME– 1 Minute

PARTICIPANTS – 12 (4 Guys & 8 Girls)


Normally, I tell our students what game we are playing, but this one might require you to hold off until you get your participants seated. Sit each guy down on a chair (on a platform to elevate if possible). Have them roll their pants up if they aren’t wearing shorts so that their legs are exposed.

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Honestly, when you’re talking about bang for your buck, this is one of the best! Today’s game is POP IT!

PREP TIME  1 Minute

ITEMS NEEDED – 6 Latex Surgical Gloves

GAME TIME – 2-3 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 6 (more if you would like)


You have probably seen someone do this before just for kicks, but why not turn it into a game. All you have to do is put a surgical glove over the heads of the contestants. Pull it down until it covers their nose (at no time should you cover their mouth and nose!!!) and wait until everyone is ready.

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