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ClocksIn real estate, they say the most important thing is location, location, location. One factor that is often left out of this equation is the importance of timing. For instance, real estate in New York City is prime right now, but it wasn’t always. The city eventually reached a point when that land became incredibly valuable.

When we rush ahead of God’s plan for our life, we miss out on what He wants us to become. Your value is not just in who you are, but in who God wants you to be! I wrote a blog recently that hit on the point that God wants us to learn from the journey, not just reach our goals. Part of learning from our travels in life is understanding the timing of God.

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Looking The Other WayA couple years ago, I noticed that some things under our kitchen sink were wet. I assumed that something had spilled, wiped it up, and completely forgot about the problem. A few weeks later, I found the area was now saturated, and after a little investigation, realized that the pipe had been leaking for several weeks, ruining the entire inside of that and other cabinets.

Upon later reflection, I understood that I should have examined the problem further. If I had, I would have saved myself a huge hassle and headache.

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20130318-004303.jpgLet’s face it, certain people take more work than others. In ministry, I believe we encounter a variety of people, but the two extremes are givers & takers.

I know. I know. Everyone is worth our time, but as ministers and leaders we must be wise in how we spend our time. We need to know how and when to invest in people, because some people aren’t an investment, they’re a black hole!

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Called By GodDo you remember when God called you into ministry? I was 16, newly saved, and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was rerouting my life. It was absolutely amazing. I was filled with great passion and an intense desire to win the world for Jesus Christ.

Only one problem, at the age of 25, I wasn’t a youth pastor, but I was a delivery driver for a cookie company. While the job had it’s perks, namely some scrumptious cookies, I felt as if I had somehow missed the call of God on my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still served as a youth leader, but I knew that God had called me to serve in greater capacity. I remember driving down the road on several occasions, wondering what I needed to do, or if God had really even called me at all.

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FlowI’ve said it before, but flow is essential in ministry, business and life. Few things are more frustrating than knowing you’re living beneath your God-given potential.

Today, we are sharing three practical steps to open up the floodgates of productivity.

1. Collaboration

Over the years, I’ve found that letting people have a voice is much better than me trying to give them mine.

Anyone can regurgitate our words, but it almost always comes across as either rehearsed or lackluster. The absence of authenticity and passion is spawned out of a lack of collaboration.

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M&M'sAre you OCD? I am. I fixate on certain numbers, separate my M&M’s by color and constantly fix the tongue of my shoe among other things.

What I’ve had to realize over the years is that none of those things matter, even if I have an obsession with them.

Far too many ministries are like me, OCD. They fixate on things that don’t matter. They repeatedly obsess over trivial things. As one person said a long ago, “they major in the minors”.

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GratitudeGratitude is contagious. However, so is ingratitude. Over the years I have noticed this to be true in every walk of life. Youth ministries, work places, classrooms and homes are all impacted by the attitudes we choose to have.

In just a few hours I am going to a funeral for a 47-year old single mother who passed away from cancer. She leaves behind two daughters and a teenage son.  Through this time, the family has come back together and become stronger than it has been in years.

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