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What It Takes To Be A Game ChangerGames can be tricky. That’s one of the reasons we offer gaming tips and not just a list of games on our blog. I realize that more people visit for the games, but my hope is that we can also help leaders become better at incorporating fun and relevant games into their meetings. In this Thursday’s Tip of the Day, we will be discussing What It Takes To Be A Game Changer.

There’s nothing worse than playing a game just to play a game- especially if it stinks. What leader wants to consistently spend time digging out of the funk that was created because of a bad game?

Ministry is moved by momentum. I constantly preach about flow to our ministry team. Ideally, you want their to be a steady stream that leads us closer to God’s presence. In a gathering, most churches do this through singing praise and worship songs, as well as the preaching of a message. My challenge to you is to find out how games can actually enhance your ministry.

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dont be that guyWe hope you had an incredible weekend! In today’s Monday Minute we are talking about how to deal with that guy. You know who I’m talking about- they guy who thinks that your ice-breaker is the Super Bowl, the guy who yells at a Jr. High girl because she giggled during your message, the guy who thinks they know better than everyone else. In fact, you’re probably picturing someone right now… if you’re not, you might be that guy! Seriously though, that guy can ruin your ministry if you fail to deal with them.

I’m all for being competitive, but then again, you don’t want to wind up being the crazy Little League parent that screams and yells at 8-years-olds. In all seriousness, you have to guard against allowing these types of people into your ministry. While we need to develop and train young leaders who have potential, we must also guard our students from people who are potentially harmful, even if it is unknowingly.

Here’s a few quick tips in dealing with people like that:

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Question MarkHave you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? What about when it comes to games? Are they even necessary?

Today I want to share why I believe that games enhance student ministry.

1. Games Can Facilitate Relationship

Notice that I said “can”. Games, just like anything else, guarantee nothing. We are not an infomercial that makes promises that every game is going to be some great benefit for your group or you get you money back. However, games give an opportunity for students to foster new and healthier relationships if placed in the proper environment.

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Austin McCann BlogNow that the holidays are over, Friday’s Favorite makes it’s return! This week our favorite is featuring another great blog for a vast array of student ministry related topics. I encourage you all to check out Austin McCann’s Blog.

I was first introduced to Austin’s blog through the another blogger, Josh Evans. I read Josh often and figured that any recommendations from him would be helpful. Austin provides a plethora of information on issues dealing with games, media, theology, leadership and a ton more.

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Losing Your VoiceSo I’m back… seriously… I think. All I can say is that I’m finally feeling better after round one with the flu and round two of a cold that left me without a voice. Being that the primary function of my job requires me to communicate, the past week was a bit frustrating to say the least. But alas, my voice has made its triumphant return!

When ministering to students it can often be hard to find your voice. I recently heard that the average youth pastor remains in their position for about 8-10 months. With all that turnaround, it’s easy to see why students might be hesitant to trust you just because you walked in the door. Today, I want to write about two things that will help you find your voice in any arena of life.

1. Be Consistent

In life we love to hype the dramatic and the flashy. We have become a highlight society.
As a result, consistency is wildly undervalued.

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Help ButtonWe hope that you’re taking it easy and celebrating with family and friends this Christmas Eve. In today’s Monday Minute, we take a look at the power of a team.

In ministry, it’s easy to get so caught up in your numerous endeavors, that we forget to stop and celebrate the successes with the people who help make them a reality. If you are a part of a healthy ministry, it is because you understand the value of getting others involved and recognize that a “do it all” mentality is foolish.

I recently read an article by Aaron Helman that said forty percent of youth pastors are suffering from burnout. Interestingly enough, ninety percent of those youth pastors are classified as workaholics. What it tells me is that too many youth pastors are trying to do it all by themselves. I understand that finding good help can be a challenge at times, but it’s certainly not impossible. I firmly believe that God not only calls us, but also equips us with the tools we need to be successful in His eyes.

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Today is Tuesday, which means it is time for Tuesday’s Game of the Week! This week’s game is entitled, NAME THAT NERD.

Under most circumstances, I simply explain a game to you, but today is your lucky day because I’m giving you this one!

If you would like to use this game directly from PowerPoint, click: Name That Nerd PowerPoint Game, go to “save as” and then open up PPT on your computer. Once you’ve done so, go to “open” under the “file” tab and select “name-that-nerd1.pptx”. That should do the trick! (If you can’t get the file, you can email me at and I will send you the file)

Once you have the file open, you can play one of two ways:

1. Let students guess as individuals just for fun. You won’t need to keep track for this.

2. Divide your group into groups or sections and have them work together as a team. If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that there is a tie-breaker at the end that you may need to use. This question is not only about answering correctly, but it is also about speed. The first team to answer correctly wins!

This is one of the games taken from our Nerd Night, in which we played a few fun games, had students dress up like nerds and shared a message centered on salvation with all the students. I have to say that our students got really into this. We still have some of the pictures from the night hanging in our youth room at church.

So embrace your inner (or outer) nerd and get ready to have a good laugh with this quick and easy game you can integrate into this week’s youth meeting. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!

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