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Honestly, when you’re talking about bang for your buck, this is one of the best! Today’s game is POP IT!

PREP TIME  1 Minute

ITEMS NEEDED – 6 Latex Surgical Gloves

GAME TIME – 2-3 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 6 (more if you would like)


You have probably seen someone do this before just for kicks, but why not turn it into a game. All you have to do is put a surgical glove over the heads of the contestants. Pull it down until it covers their nose (at no time should you cover their mouth and nose!!!) and wait until everyone is ready.

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While some of the games I share in my blog were created by our team of gamers, many of them are adapted from others. Today’s game is a perfect example. I present to you: WILL IT FLOAT?

PREP TIME – 30-60 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – A large clear container (large fish tanks work) filled with water on a stand or table; optional: two-sided signs (one side-sink, other side- swim)

GAME TIME – 10 Minutes



If you want to have winners for this game, split them into 4 teams. Otherwise, it’s a fun game to just sit back, let the crowd guess, and watch.

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