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Shadow CharadesThis week we are putting a twist on an old school game with Shadow Charades.

PREP TIME– 5-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– White Sheet, Lamp with No Shade (or Floodlight) & Pins/Tacks (or Tape)

GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes



I’m sure most of you know the basic rules of charades, which is simply acting out clues w/o words any verbal communication.

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Plunger PushEvery now and again you need a fun and unique game to get people moving. With Plunger Push, you have one of those games!

PREP TIME– 2-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Plunger & Skateboard (1 set per team), Large Room (preferably a gym)

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone – Teams of 8-12


After you select your teams, have them line up in a single file line behind the start line. You will need an end line as well. If you are in a gym, you can opt to go half court or full court. If you are not in a gym, use cones to have players go around. The game is quite simple. Each player will be equipped with a skateboard and a plunger. The game requires that each participant have their feet and hands off the ground at all times, only using their plunger to move them to the line (or cone) and back to the starting line. The first team to have everyone make one successful round trip wins the game.

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secret signals logoSecret Signals is one of our all-time favorites. It gets your group interacting and keeps everyone laughing.



GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone, with 7-9 per Group


Once you have group separated, have them all stand in a circle, facing each other. You will then have one person stand on the inside of the group. The outside group are the signalers and the inside person is the guesser.

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Attention To DetailThink you pay attention to detail? Here’s your chance to see if it’s true. In Attention To Detail, you will have a chance to see how well your group is focusing

While the vast majority of our games don’t have a larger teaching point, this one can be great in talking about concentration and observation. It will also teach them to look for things that might not seem to matter at first.

PREP TIME– 10-30 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– YouTube Clips & Projector/TV Screen to View

GAME TIME– 10-20 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone – with 3-5 Participants per Team


Before you start, pick some famous funny movie clips (make sure you can show them in church!). The clips should be about 30 seconds each and will need to involve: dialogue, background material, names of people or places.

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kiddie poolAfter a long hiatus, we return with a great event that you can use as you kick off the school year or just for fun at your weekly meeting. Today’s game was shared by Bryce George after seeing a post on Scotty McTaube’s Instagram page.. The name of the event is BYOP, or, Bring Your Own Pool! We’ve added some extras to the original idea!!

PREP TIME– 0-60 minutes (depends on how much prep you want to do)

ITEMS NEEDED– Inflatable Pools & Decor

GAME TIME– 10-60 minutes (varies depending on what and how many games you play)



BYOP is part game and part event. Let me explain the latter. The object of this event is to invite students and leaders to bring their own inflatable or plastic pool (the cheap kind you can buy at Walmart or Target). In addition to bringing the pool, encourage them to decorate it. You may have a theme, or you can simply say “be creative”.

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Water Balloons in BucketNow that we are officially entering summer (technically it’s Friday, but I live in Tucson, so it’s been over 100 for the last month!), it’s time to start busting out some great games that will help you and your students cool down. Today’s game: Balloon in the Bucket!

PREP TIME– 30-60 minutes (depends on how many and how fast you are at making water balloons)

ITEMS NEEDED– tons of water balloons (hundreds if possible), 2- 5-gallon buckets (with no handle) & a sling-shot (we’ll discuss ways to play w/o one), large open space (preferably on grass)

GAME TIME– 15-30 minutes



Balloon in the bucket is a simple game that involves launching water balloons via sling shot towards two competitors holding buckets. In a nut shell, each participant will have an opportunity to catch a water balloon that is launched at them by a group of leaders at a fair distance away. You’ll probably have to test it out before hand to know where each group will need to be.

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Tommy BoyWe are sharing a brand new game with you today called, Shimmy Through The Shirt. For some reason, it just made me think of good ole’ Tommy Boy and his little coat!

The game operates best as a relay between at least two teams. It’s a lot of fun to play, but it’s AWESOME to watch, especially the big guys!

PREP TIME– 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 3x Shirts for each team

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2+ Teams of at least 7 people


This a great game in that it is incredibly simple, fun and always gets a good laugh. If possible, have your entire group play. The only real pre-requisite is that a person is able to stand and move around slightly.

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