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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve! We apologize for our absence last week, but I was at death’s door- okay, that might be a little dramatic, but I did have a pretty serious bout with the flu. So it’s good to be back!

LemonToday’s Monday Minute is all about working with what you got! For the past sixteen years, I’ve worked around students, leaders and fellow youth pastors. I’ve heard countless people complain about what they don’t have, people who are jealous, people who can’t seem to bring the best out of those around them. But leaders who last do the following:

1. Find Contentment

One of the greatest challenges in life, let alone ministry, is our ability to rest in what God has supplied us with. Let me be clear, this is not a reason to justify complacency, but it may cut down on your complaining! Contentment is simply the satisfaction we find when we’ve done all we can do and left the rest in God’s hands.

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Help ButtonWe hope that you’re taking it easy and celebrating with family and friends this Christmas Eve. In today’s Monday Minute, we take a look at the power of a team.

In ministry, it’s easy to get so caught up in your numerous endeavors, that we forget to stop and celebrate the successes with the people who help make them a reality. If you are a part of a healthy ministry, it is because you understand the value of getting others involved and recognize that a “do it all” mentality is foolish.

I recently read an article by Aaron Helman that said forty percent of youth pastors are suffering from burnout. Interestingly enough, ninety percent of those youth pastors are classified as workaholics. What it tells me is that too many youth pastors are trying to do it all by themselves. I understand that finding good help can be a challenge at times, but it’s certainly not impossible. I firmly believe that God not only calls us, but also equips us with the tools we need to be successful in His eyes.

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izoneOver the past few days, I’ve been sharing one time events with you that you can incorporate into your youth ministry. Today, I want to share something that will help you in the growth of your youth ministry, both in number and relationship over the long haul.

I can’t pretend to take credit for this one, so I want to give a big shout out to a great youth pastor that I worked under, Josh Gering. He now serves as the Youth Pastor at Bethel Church in Chehalis, WA. This guy is a master at putting together great games and events, today’s is no exception.

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joshhevans.comIn celebration of the continuation of the world, we share with you another one of our favorites: Josh Evans’ Blog.

Josh is a student pastor at Union Grove Baptist Church in North Carolina. Despite being a die-hard Duke Blue Devils fan, he shares some great resources and insights on his blog. Of course, we focus primarily on the games (which can be found under the “freebies” tab on his blog), but he also shares about relevant topics that are pertinent to youth pastors today.

Personally, I love reading and hearing from other youth pastors who are in the trenches. I feel like they understand where I’m at and that our hearts are knit together by the same call and passion. Take some time today to check out and subscribe to Josh’s blog (I do!) and follow him on Twitter @grovepjosh. He posts frequently and shares relevant posts from others who are involved in student ministry as well. Gather some great ideas and start incorporating them into your ministry in 2013!

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Scavenger HuntLooking for a great event for your calendar or maybe an overnight outing? Look no further than to a good old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt.

Over the past two days, we shared The Amazing Race & Food Fight. Both of these are great events, but both are incredibly labor intensive. Because of that, we want to share with you an event that is just as much fun, but much easier to put together.

All you really need for one of these Scavenger Hunts are drivers, participants and a list of items. Teams can vary a bit in size if necessary since larger teams really don’t have an inherit advantage, though I recommend having teams between 3-6 students.

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Ready or NotHow do I say this kindly? Don’t be lazy! I know, I know. We don’t call it laziness, we call it procrastination or we make excuses, blaming it on busyness. Games are just like anything else, if you are up there “winging it” every week, people will be able to tell.

If you want to hit it big with a game, then know what you are going to do and execute. Being flexible with a game is not an excuse for poor preparation. If you need help, ask someone. If you need materials, have them ready to go. No one wants to watch you set up a game for three minutes while they wait to play. And while there will be times you find yourself short on prep time, don’t let it become a habit.

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Food FightThis Wednesday we continue in sharing events that you can use with your youth ministry throughout the year. Today we look at a good old-fashioned food fight.Our youth ministry has done this for the past four years and always had great success.

Let me explain how it works. The first thing you need to know is that the Food Fight is operating on two levels. Not only will you have a legit food fight, but you will also being tying it together with a charitable act.

When we advertise the food fight, we make sure to tell our students that we are not only going to have fun, but we want to help others who may be less fortunate. In the weeks leading up to the event, set up a box or large container in which students and adults can bring non-perishable food donations in. This is a simple and powerful way to involve and encourage students in an act of generosity!

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