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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Powerball 2Being that I’m a game junkie, I was way into the first bout of American Gladiators that aired way back in 1989. In fact, my step-brothers and I used to turn our basement into the final round, trying to knock over the targets with assorted items gathered from our house.

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite games from the show, Powerball.

PREP TIME– 5-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 2 Buckets with Multiple Balls (pretty much any ball will work), 5 Garbage Cans, Flag Football Kit

GAME TIME– 45-60 Seconds Per Round

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Participants & 3 “Gladiators”


You’ll need to set up a “field” for the contestants to play. I recommend at least a 15′ x 20′ size, but you can go a bit larger if you have room. Rather than trying to explain the set up, you can refer the picture in the blog post or another one on the Powerball Wikipedia page.

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kiddie poolAfter a long hiatus, we return with a great event that you can use as you kick off the school year or just for fun at your weekly meeting. Today’s game was shared by Bryce George after seeing a post on Scotty McTaube’s Instagram page.. The name of the event is BYOP, or, Bring Your Own Pool! We’ve added some extras to the original idea!!

PREP TIME– 0-60 minutes (depends on how much prep you want to do)

ITEMS NEEDED– Inflatable Pools & Decor

GAME TIME– 10-60 minutes (varies depending on what and how many games you play)



BYOP is part game and part event. Let me explain the latter. The object of this event is to invite students and leaders to bring their own inflatable or plastic pool (the cheap kind you can buy at Walmart or Target). In addition to bringing the pool, encourage them to decorate it. You may have a theme, or you can simply say “be creative”.

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