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To Tell The TruthDo you like being lied to? I seriously doubt it (if you do, then you have some issues!), but for some reason we all seem to struggle with the truth at times. It’s not that we don’t know it, it’s just that we don’t always like how it sounds, how it makes us look, or how it makes us feel. Our answer… make up something better.

We live in an age where lies are commonplace. It wasn’t that long ago that a Congressman blamed hackers for his own actions. It’s not just politicians though. Athletes such as Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o have had spats with truth-telling as well. Unfortunately, even ministers are not exempt from this plague.

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Stumin SidekickIt’s not too late to get in on the action! Make sure to stop by our friends over at Stumin Sidekick. Not only are they running some crazy deals, but they are also nearing an amazing giveaway. You can click here for all the details on the giveaway. You can find all sorts of curriculum, resources and games!

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Jeff & Bryce FFFToday, I’ll be sharing one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played in 15+ years of student ministry.

Can You Pass Me That? is a relay game involving chicken nuggets. We actually used it for our Fast Food themed Invite Night, but you can use it as a stand alone game as well.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– One 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets Per Team

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes



Once you have your teams separated, have them stand in a single file line facing the front of the room. You will then need to place a box of chicken nuggets on the floor in front of the person leading the line. You will also need to have small bowl on the ground behind the last person in line.

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This Tuesday’s Game of the Week is more like an event. By now, most of you have seen a plethora of Harlem Shake videos, so we figured, why not make one with your leaders and students!

Though it’s probably a bit late to become a YouTube sensation, considering there are a million of these videos out there, it’s not to late to have a little fun and a good laugh with your group. All it takes is a little planning and very minimal editing.

PREP TIME– 30 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Video Camera & Props for the Video

VIDEO TIME– 10-20 Minutes



In case you’ve never seen a Harlem Shake Video, check out YouthQuake Student Ministries (Burlington, NC) video:

You can also find a list of other top Harlem Shake videos from Billboard here.

First off, you’ll need to find a location and plan a time where everyone will be together. I recommend using the end of an already pre-established meeting time to save you the headache of trying to gather everyone.

At that point, you’ll need to set up a video camera. Make sure it is stationary and in the exact same position for the “before” and “after”. The “before” shot should include a minimal amount of people doing something relatively mundane (but make sure you have somewhere to go with the video!). The “after” needs to be filled with people doing crazy, unique or even weird things. Include costumes, dance moves, animals and other oddities to make the video creative and interesting for your group and the viewer.

The beauty is that these scenes only need to be about 15 seconds each, but you’ll still want to film it a few times to make sure you captured your shot. If you’re able to blare the music for people to hear, that works better- just make sure to remove the audio from video and dub the song over the top of it, otherwise it will sound muffled and cheesy.

When you have your shots, splice them together, remove the audio and dub in the music. When it’s all mixed, upload it to YouTube and post it like crazy on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I guarantee your students will love it and parents will probably roll there eyes!


1. If you don’t feel like you can pull off the editing for the video, ask another leader or a student. Most kids today are pretty adept at this kind of stuff.

2. Promote, promote, promote! We’re having a 70’s night later this month, so we’re filming our video at the end of the night. I’ve told some of our students and they’re pretty excited about it already. Make sure to get the word out about what you’re doing, it will make a big difference and hopefully create a buzz.

I hope that you and your group produce the next YouTube hit, but if not, make sure you at least have a ton of fun putting your video together. Remember, it’s the memories that count!

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M&M'sAre you OCD? I am. I fixate on certain numbers, separate my M&M’s by color and constantly fix the tongue of my shoe among other things.

What I’ve had to realize over the years is that none of those things matter, even if I have an obsession with them.

Far too many ministries are like me, OCD. They fixate on things that don’t matter. They repeatedly obsess over trivial things. As one person said a long ago, “they major in the minors”.

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Church Stage Design IdeasToday’s favorite comes courtesy of Church Stage Design Ideas. As you might guess, it’s a site devoted to the most amazing and creative stage designs that churches are using today.

Let’s face it, God’s presence can abide anywhere, even in a dingy and dark building. But far too many churches, youth, and kid ministries are worshipping in buildings that are bland, outdated and unintentionally retro simply because they don’t know how to change up their look.

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just-do-it-slide2In my office I have a display case. It’s big, bulky and in the way. I bought it with the intention of fixing it up so we could use it for our youth ministry… that was over a year ago!

I see it everyday. It started off as being annoying, but it’s honestly more depressing than anything at this point.

It was one of those projects that got started, but never finished. I’ve looked at it so many times and thought, “I really need to finish that.” The problem is that I haven’t done it.

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Big Mac AttackHappy Wednesday to you all. Today’s game is entitled, Big Mac Attack. I usually don’t go too high on the gross factor, but today’s game is the exception to the rule!

PREP TIME– 10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 4 Big Macs (with condiments on the side), Tarp & 4 Wet Rags to wash with

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of 2 (you can also play this game with individual instead of teams)


At some point today, most of you will pass a McDonald’s. Since you’re already doing so, why not swing through the drive thru and pick up four tasty Big Macs for a fun game- just remember to ask for the condiments on the side (if you explain to them why you need them on the side, trust me, they’ll do it!).

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Duct Tape RollsIt’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for Tuesday’s game of the Day! Today’s game involves one of man’s favorite tools, duct tape!

PREP TIME– 2-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 2 Large Rolls of Duct Tape (at least 50yds) & 2 Long Plastic Tables (at least 6ft long)

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Teams of 5 (you can make as many teams as you would like)


Have teams choose one individual from their team (smaller usually works better) to be attached to a table using duct tape. Once they have selected a willing victim… I mean, participant, have them lay down on the table with their feet at least six inches from the bottom. At this point, the duct taping commences. Give students about 5 minutes to do their best job of securing their teammate to the table.

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GratitudeGratitude is contagious. However, so is ingratitude. Over the years I have noticed this to be true in every walk of life. Youth ministries, work places, classrooms and homes are all impacted by the attitudes we choose to have.

In just a few hours I am going to a funeral for a 47-year old single mother who passed away from cancer. She leaves behind two daughters and a teenage son.  Through this time, the family has come back together and become stronger than it has been in years.

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