Gummy BearsWho doesn’t like biting the heads off a gummy bear? Bueller??? Okay, so maybe you don’t have as many issues as me, but you’ll still love Gummy Bear Stick ‘Em!


ITEMS NEEDED– Large Bag of Gummy Bears

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– At least 2 teams of 2 people (you can have more teams of up to 3 people per team)


Well, my intro wasn’t too far off. Teams will bite gummy bears in half (I know, I know, but sacrifices must be made for the good of this game) and then lick the ends so that they will stick to the face of their teammate. You can have up to 2 people sticking the gummy bears on a teammates face, but I recommend no more than that.

Give them 1 or 2 minutes to start sticking and tally up the pieces at the end of the time. The team with the most bear pieces wins!


1. Award a bag of gummy bears (or a giant gummy bear!) to the winning team.

2. Have players tilt their head back so the gummy bears don’t fall off- but no laying down!

3. This is also a great game to let everyone play. Just make sure you have enough gummy bears to go around.

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