While some of the games I share in my blog were created by our team of gamers, many of them are adapted from others. Today’s game is a perfect example. I present to you: WILL IT FLOAT?

PREP TIME – 30-60 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – A large clear container (large fish tanks work) filled with water on a stand or table; optional: two-sided signs (one side-sink, other side- swim)

GAME TIME – 10 Minutes



If you want to have winners for this game, split them into 4 teams. Otherwise, it’s a fun game to just sit back, let the crowd guess, and watch.

This is based off a gag game they did on the David Letterman show in the past. It’s about as straight forward as they come. You hold up an item before the audience and ask them, “Will it float?” Once everyone shouts out an answer, then let the item drop and see what happens.


1. Make sure to test items out before you play. This helps you mess with the crowd a little!

2. To make it a little more fun, create signs for everyone before they come that say “sink” on one side and “float” on the other. This way they can hold it up when you are playing.

3. If you need to keep it cleaner, have a towel available, and maybe even have someone else pick the items out if they sink.

4. Depending on when and where you do this game, remember to have some people ready to take the game down so you can move on without a lot of delay.

Some of our suggestions for the game are: cantaloupe, a shoe (right side up), different types of wood, toys, Pez dispenser, tennis ball, shampoo bottle, bottle of milk, cheese, 2-liter of soda, banana or anything you can find in the immediate vicinity.

While you can play this game anytime with any amount of people, this is a great game to use while people are coming into an event. Wheel out a large container and get the crowd involved. Students get into it and beats the alternative of having people sitting and waiting.

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