If you have a need for speed, this is the game for you. Coming in at #14 on our Minute to Win It Top 20 Countdown is Stack Attack.

Stack Attack scored high because it is visually appealing, easy to understand and fun to play and watch. The great part of the game is that almost anyone can play the game, and even if they can’t, everyone thinks they can!


  • 36 Plastic Cups (the Solo type cups work best)


1) When the clock starts, player may begin stacking cups into a pyramid shape.

2) When the triangle is complete, with 1 cup at the top, 2 cups below it, and so on, the player may begin to get the cups into a single stack.

3) To complete the game, the player must build a complete pyramid using all of the cups, then get all the cups back into a single stack within the 60-second time limit.

Bonus Tips

1) Not only can you make this a competition in which multiple players play against each other at one time, you can also play the game multiple times, pairing teams against each other (think best of 3 or 5).

2) If you want to give it a March Madness theme, do it tournament style. I recommend no more than 16 players, that way you can weed it down by having head-to-head match-ups. Those head-to-head matchups can include other Minute To Win It games as well, this way you will have one ultimate Minute To Win It champion!

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