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Duct Tape RollsIt’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for Tuesday’s game of the Day! Today’s game involves one of man’s favorite tools, duct tape!

PREP TIME– 2-10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 2 Large Rolls of Duct Tape (at least 50yds) & 2 Long Plastic Tables (at least 6ft long)

GAME TIME– 10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Teams of 5 (you can make as many teams as you would like)


Have teams choose one individual from their team (smaller usually works better) to be attached to a table using duct tape. Once they have selected a willing victim… I mean, participant, have them lay down on the table with their feet at least six inches from the bottom. At this point, the duct taping commences. Give students about 5 minutes to do their best job of securing their teammate to the table.

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Heart HandsIn honor of a special day on February 14th, we will be presenting games with a Valentine’s Day theme. Our game for today is simply entitled, I Love You!



GAME TIME– 3-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone (minimum of 8)


Each individual must first choose (or be assigned) a partner. After this is done have them gaze into one another’s eyes until they feel awkward and uncomfortable. At that time, they must say the words, “I Love You”. They can say them in any way and as many times as they want, but they can only use those three words. The first person to crack a smile, loses.

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Who DatThis Tuesday’s Game of the Week is simply entitled, Who Dat?. This is Super Bowl week, and since the game is being played in New Orleans, we thought that we’d change the title of today’s game to honor the occasion.

Who Dat? poses either or scenarios. I first heard it while listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio. If you decide not to use the lists below, it will require a fair amount of time to come up with a list of names, but other than that, the game is incredibly simple.

PREP TIME– None (if you use the lists provided), 30-45 minutes to create your own list


PARTICIPANTS– 4 or play with either group

GAME TIME– 3-5 minutes


Let’s say you choose Celebrity Baby or 80’s Hair Band?, all you will do is read a name and let them guess whether it is a Celebrity Baby name or an 80’s Hair Band. If they are correct, they will continue on to the next name. If they get three consecutive names right they win a prize.

If you want to play as a group, you can simply read the name and have them guess. If you want to narrow it down to one winner, have them stand for one side and sit for another. After the first name continue to advance the students who guessed correctly until you have only one person remaining.

Here are some sample lists you can use:

Super Bowl QB or Sportscaster

Celebrity Baby or 80s Hair Band

Hockey Player or Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Plant or Broadway Play

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