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Today we’re taking a game from the archives and putting it into our Top Ten Relay Countdowns. The game, Melon Madness!

PREP TIME – 10 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 1 Watermelon for every 10-30 students

GAME TIME – 5-10 minutes

PARTICIPANTS – Everyone (unlimited, but a minimum of 10)


This game works best in large groups (i.e. camp or retreat) and is best played on grass if possible. Before you play, you will need to purchase enough watermelons for each team. You can decide how many teams you want, but 20 per team seems to be a perfect number for this game. Once you’ve purchased the watermelons, grab some Vaseline and rub it on those bad boys. Make sure to slather plenty on!

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We are so excited to share this Tuesday’s Game of the Week, that we are actually making it two times as awesome! That’s right, two games for the price of one! Come to think of it, all our games are free, so double of nothing is still nothing… but I digress.

The first game we are introducing is one that everyone of my students still remember today. It’s called the SODA SOCK SWIG. As you’ll see, I have a basic format for all my games that allows you to see the following: PREP TIME, ITEMS NEEDED, GAME TIME, PARTICIPANTS, INSTRUCTIONS & occasional BONUS TIPS.

PREP TIME – 3 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 1 Table, 6 Pack of Soda

GAME TIME – 2 Minutes



Before choosing 6 students to participate, don’t mention the name of the game, just have 6 cans of soda sitting on the table in front (put the table on a stage or platform if possible). Once you have chosen your participants, tell them that they will be in a race against the other 5 to see who can completely finish the soda first. Let them open the soda. Start your countdown, then stop them and tell them that you forgot something: they all need to take off one of their socks and put it over the top of the soda can before they race. You usually get a good (or grossed out) reaction here. After the socks are in place, restart your countdown. But you are still not done. Stop the countdown and have them hand their can to the person on their right. That’s right! They will be drinking the soda through someone else’s sock! Gross? Yes! Awesome? Absolutely!

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