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Turkey BowlingThis week we bring a classic to you with, Turkey Bowling. This is a fantastic game that can be played strictly for fun, or use it as a fundraiser for families who need food for Thanksgiving. Be creative and find a way to help others if you can as well!

PREP TIME– 10-20 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 1 Turkey, 10 Bowling Pins (or 2-Liters with Water) Per Lane & Tape or Cones

GAME TIME– 20-30 Minutes



Before you play, you will need to get all your items. If you decide to use real bowling pins, you can usually get these from a local bowling alley by just calling ahead and asking for some of their old pins. They should range between free to $1 or $2 per pin. Depending on how many lanes you want to create, you will need 10 pins per lane.

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