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PictaphoneToday’s game is Pictaphone, the game that combines a couple of serious classics.

Growing up, you probably remember playing telephone, the game where one person whispers something into another person’s ear, who then repeats it to the next and so on. I usually started with something entirely reasonable and ended with something ridiculous.

The other half of Pictaphone is of course, Pictionary. The great game that involves drawing a picture and allowing team members to guess before the little glass of sand expires.

We’re going to show you how the two work together for a great game!

PREP TIME– 2-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Paper, Pencil (Crayons or Markers will work as well), List of Phrases

GAME TIME– 10-30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 5-10 Participants per Team


This game can be played a couple of different ways. This is a great game for a small group or to play if you want to break a larger group up into small groups to play simultaneously.

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