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MarshmallowsLast week, we shared a game called 3-Ball, today we are introducing another baseball themed game, entitled Swing Batter Batter Swing. If you know the rules of baseball, you’ll be able to put this game together in just a few minutes.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Large or Extra Large Marshmallows, Plastic Bats (one normal size and one giant size bat), Bases (or something to mark as bases, i.e. paper plate), Large Open Space or Softball/Baseball Diamond

GAME TIME– 15-45 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Even Teams of at least 6 or more (you can have 20 on each team if you want!)

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Stay Puft Marshmallow ManWednesday’s Game of the week pays homage to the wondrous beauty that is the marshmallow. Okay, so that may be a bit over the top, but let me introduce to you one of our favorite marshmallow games: Marshmallow Madness!

PREP TIME– 2 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– 2 Bags of Small Marshmallows, 4 Plastic Cups or Small Bins, Masking Tape

GAME TIME– 3-5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Teams of at least 2 (you can have more or larger teams)


Today’s game is a spin off of something that almost all of us have done. You will need to start by taping off two lines that are about 6-10ft  apart. Make sure participants stand behind the lines.

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