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KICKBALL2-1529373This week we are sharing an old game with a bit of a twist. In fact, you may have played some version of 3-Ball. To be honest, our version involves a Frisbee, but the concept remains the same.

PREP TIME– 3-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Kickball (soccer or dodgeball will work), Football, Frisbee, Canister (trash can), gym or large field

GAME TIME– 15-45 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 2 Even Teams of at least 6 or more (you can have 20 per team if you want!)


You will need to set up a softball size diamond (baseball is a bit large for the game). If you don’t have a diamond available, use paper plates or flat rubber base pads from the Dollar Store to set up a field. Keep in mind that you will need a large area to play the game.

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