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Candy Connection PictureIf you’re not surrounded by candy yet, you will be soon. Today’s game is called Candy Connection, and it’s sure to test your candy knowledge with a fun and FREE downloadable PDF.


ITEMS NEEDED– Candy Connection Game Sheet & Pens

GAME TIME– 5-10 Minutes



Simply download our Candy Connection PDF and get ready to play.

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Pumpkin DropConsidering Halloween is tomorrow, we want to share a bonus game that is always good for a laugh. We introduce to you, Pumpkin Drop.

PREP TIME– 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Every Group Will Need: Pumpkin, 6 Plastic Cups, Tape, Plastic Table Cloth, Straws, Roll of Toilet Paper

GAME TIME– 30 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– Everyone: 4-6 Per Group


Most people will be familiar with an Egg Drop. Just in case you’re not, this is where you take random items, put them together and try to keep your egg from breaking after it is dropped off the ledge of a building or a tall ladder.

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Candy PumpkinWith Halloween this Thursday, we thought we’d shift to a simple game that everyone can play with virtually no effort. We introduce you to Candy Pumpkin.

PREP TIME– 10-15 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Medium to Large Pumpkin, Candy, Paper Slips, Pens, Bowl for Guesses

GAME TIME– 2-3 Minutes



This is an old game with a bit of a twist. The game itself takes almost no time at all, but you (or someone who really likes you) will have to do a little bit of prep work.

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Who Am IAs Halloween approaches, you’re bound to see some pretty creative and crazy costumes from kids, but there’s no topping celebrities. In today’s game, we’ll see if you have what it takes to play the celebrity version of Who Am I?.

PREP TIME– 1-2 Hours

ITEMS NEEDED– Pics of Celebs, Program to Show Pics, Paper & Pens

GAME TIME– 10-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 5-10 Participants per Team (you can have larger teams to save time)


FREE PowerPoint Download: Who Am I? PP Game – Celeb Edition

Note: If you have any issues downloading the PowerPoint, please email & we will send you an attachment with the game.

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