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Who DatThis Tuesday’s Game of the Week is simply entitled, Who Dat?. This is Super Bowl week, and since the game is being played in New Orleans, we thought that we’d change the title of today’s game to honor the occasion.

Who Dat? poses either or scenarios. I first heard it while listening to Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio. If you decide not to use the lists below, it will require a fair amount of time to come up with a list of names, but other than that, the game is incredibly simple.

PREP TIME– None (if you use the lists provided), 30-45 minutes to create your own list


PARTICIPANTS– 4 or play with either group

GAME TIME– 3-5 minutes


Let’s say you choose Celebrity Baby or 80’s Hair Band?, all you will do is read a name and let them guess whether it is a Celebrity Baby name or an 80’s Hair Band. If they are correct, they will continue on to the next name. If they get three consecutive names right they win a prize.

If you want to play as a group, you can simply read the name and have them guess. If you want to narrow it down to one winner, have them stand for one side and sit for another. After the first name continue to advance the students who guessed correctly until you have only one person remaining.

Here are some sample lists you can use:

Super Bowl QB or Sportscaster

Celebrity Baby or 80s Hair Band

Hockey Player or Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Plant or Broadway Play

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College Pick'emToday has been such a good day that we are going to share with you a bonus game to play with your Youth Leadership Team.

Every year, college football teams participate in an excessive amount of bowl games. Our suggestion is to have some fun with your youth leaders by selecting the winners of each bowl game. The beauty of this is that you can do this through a simple email with a link attached.

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Twinkie The Kid

Normally, Saturdays are great for me. I wake up, watch some College GameDay on ESPN, play around with my boys, nap, and end by watching my Oregon Ducks trounce another opponent with my wife. But alas, this weekend has carried devastating news… the Twinkie may be no more.

Update: Thankfully the Twinkie made it’s triumphant return, so feel free to buy boxes upon boxes of the tasty treat.


PREP TIME  10 Minutes to Several Days

ITEMS NEEDED  1-2 Boxes of Twinkies per Game; optional: Flag Football Gear

GAME TIME – 10-20 Minutes per Game

PARTICIPANTS – 14 Players (7 for each team), 1 Referee for each game


Twinkie Bowl is just football with Twinkies instead of footballs. You probably won’t have access to a full-scale field, so use some sort of markers (cones, shirts, shoes, whatever) to identify the area of play. Basic rules apply, and since it is Saturday, we’ll go with college rules for catching the Twinkie- one foot in for a reception.

Instead of kicking off, have someone throw the Twinkie. Same for extra-points, just do two-point conversions.

You can play tackle football or flag-football. If you play tackle, keep in mind that you’ll go through a lot more Twinkies! If you want to preserve your Twinkies a little longer, leave them in the wrapper.


1. You can make a big deal out of this game. Have a playoff bracket on a Saturday or make team shirts with a clever name involving Twinkies.

2. Make it an all day event or fundraiser with concessions. Possibly have teams pay to play (for a charity).

3. For extra points, have the person who scores a touchdown eat the Twinkie they scored with.

4. Have someone video the games and put together a highlight reel of Twinkie Touchdowns! Who knows, you might become a YouTube sensation!

This is a great way to have fun with a group of students. This will definitely inspire some laughs and create memories that your kids won’t soon forget!!

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Stay tuned for another Twinkie post later today!

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