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KISSHappy Thanksgiving! Take time to give thanks to God for all you have been blessed with. Most of us, even on our worst day, have far more than the rest of this world. After you are done giving thanks, take a moment to read the rest of this blog and check out some of our archive of games before the tryptophan kicks in!

If you are new to my blog (and you all are at this point!), I will be sharing a gaming tip every Thursday. It may be tempting to look past this, but I highly recommend taking two minutes to read the post. If you are the Student/Youth Pastor, you may find this as a helpful resource to pass on to leaders who assist or run the games for your ministry.

In 15+ years of working with students, I have come to realize a few things that will help ensure that your games become a hit. There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a bunch of people excited for a game, only to see it fizzle before your eyes. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, I will share the first of my 7 Golden Rules of Gaming.


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