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Shake It Off Today we are sharing one of our messier, some might say, grosser games. The good news, it’s quite simple. Shake It Off is a relatively quick and easy game that lends itself to plenty of picture taking and comments afterward.

PREP TIME– 3-5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED– Swim Goggles,  Jar of Vaseline for each Group of 3, Bag of Cotton Balls for each Group

GAME TIME– 5 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 4 Groups of 3 (you can have more or less, but have at least 2 teams)


As I mentioned before, this is a simple game. Make sure to select at least one person on each team who doesn’t mind getting messy! Once you have four individuals, have them select two people to be in their group.

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Duct TapeCotton BallsToday’s Wild Game is Covered in Cotton. This is a simple game that involves one of man’s best friends… duct tape!

ITEMS NEEDED – 1 Roll of Duct Tape & 100 Cotton Balls per team (you decide how many)

GAME TIME – 5-10 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS – 3-10 Participants Per Team


This is a super simple and incredibly fun game to play with students. Once you’ve purchased the duct tape and cotton balls, select your teams. Explain to them that they will need to choose a “wrappee”, and that everyone else will be “wrappers”. Once they’ve selected someone, they will then wrap the “wrappee” in duct tape (give them 1-2 minutes) with the sticky side out.

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