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This Monday I am departing from my normal format and topic to share something that I believe is vitally important in any ministry.

In the wake of the past week’s events, I, like most others, am left with many more questions than answers. I hear of a mall shooting in Portland, OR (minutes from where I used to live), a horrific act of evil in Newtown, Connecticut and have dealt with a more personal tragedy. This past Saturday, one of our student’s close friends, a young man who attended our church on many occasions was killed in a freak car accident at the age of sixteen.

My heart breaks for every one of these families. I have shed tears, offered up prayers and done all I know to do… yet it feels like it is not enough. When I survey these events, I feel demoralized, depressed, and at times, defeated. Yet in the midst of all of this, I know that hope remains. I know that that the Spirit of God is able to bring comfort and peace to the hurting. I can testify to His ability to bring good out of the darkest of situations, but He does that through people like you and me.

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Vanilla IceHave you ever whiffed on a game? I have… lots of times. I’m here today to tell you it is okay.

One of my worst game ideas was when I bought four blocks of ice and set them right in front of the stage. I selected four students and said that they had to sit on the block “as long as they could” without freezing.

Here’s the problem: they didn’t freeze. In fact, I ran through the announcements and stalled for a couple of minutes, praying that hypothermia would set in so someone would bow out, but it didn’t happen. We just sat there for what felt like eternity, watching four students sit on blocks of ice.

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College Pick'emToday has been such a good day that we are going to share with you a bonus game to play with your Youth Leadership Team.

Every year, college football teams participate in an excessive amount of bowl games. Our suggestion is to have some fun with your youth leaders by selecting the winners of each bowl game. The beauty of this is that you can do this through a simple email with a link attached.

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Welcome to Student Ministry Games! We are excited to bring you NEW, fun and creative gaming ideas to help enhance your student ministry experience. If you are tired of rehashing the same games over and over again, then you have found the right place. While we will share some of the tried and true staples in group gaming, we have also added some games that are sure to take your student’s gaming experience to the next level. So make sure to check in every Tuesday for brand new games.

This blog is dedicated to sharing with you what has worked for us over the past fifteen years in youth ministry. We’ll share games, insights and other great resources that we have used to develop our strategies and games.

We look forward to hearing from you as well. Feedback makes all of us better. If you like a game, make sure to let us know. If you think our Game of the Week stinks, share with us why. All we ask is that you make it constructive so that we can improve upon what we have.

Once again, thank you for checking our Student Ministry Games blog. Let the games begin!



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