Who Am IAs Halloween approaches, you’re bound to see some pretty creative and crazy costumes from kids, but there’s no topping celebrities. In today’s game, we’ll see if you have what it takes to play the celebrity version of Who Am I?.

PREP TIME– 1-2 Hours

ITEMS NEEDED– Pics of Celebs, Program to Show Pics, Paper & Pens

GAME TIME– 10-15 Minutes

PARTICIPANTS– 5-10 Participants per Team (you can have larger teams to save time)


FREE PowerPoint Download: Who Am I? PP Game – Celeb Edition

Note: If you have any issues downloading the PowerPoint, please email stumingames@gmail.com & we will send you an attachment with the game.

If you want to create your own game, start off by finding some celebrities in costume. If you’re a guy, you may want to have a lady help sift through these with you, just sayin’! Simply Google, “celebrities in Halloween costumes” and you’ll find more than enough pictures.

Once you’re done, cut and paste them into a PowerPoint presentation with the a picture on each slide. Let teams write down their guess on a piece of paper and hold it up before you make the reveal.

Select 10 celebs and have a fun tie-breaker that goes to the team that holds the right answer up first.


1. Do a dry run on the computer/screen to make sure everything works before playing.

2. Don’t drag this game out too long. It’s fun, but make sure to leave them wanting more.

3. Choose celebs that will be known by your group. Make sure they’re not too obvious, but that they can at least get a few.

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