We’re nearing the finish line of our Minute To Win It Top 20 Countdown! Coming in at #2 is Card Ninja. We recently played this game in our student ministry and it was a giant success. Make sure to read the Bonus Tips on this one!


  • Deck of Cards (at least one)
  • Cut Watermelon
  • Table


1) Place the half watermelon so that the pink side is perpendicular to the ground.

2) When the clock starts, player may begin tossing cards 1 at a time at the watermelon while standing behind the foul line.

3) To complete the game, player must stick 1 card into the watermelon within the 60-second time limit so that it stays that way for 3 seconds.

Bonus Tips

1) Make sure you use cards that are rigid enough to stick. The .99 cent pack may not do!

2) The bigger the watermelon, the better. It makes it easier for people to hit the target.

3) Do a test run for the game. Make sure that you don’t set participants too far away from the melon.

4) Instead of having them stick the card first, pit teams against each other and see how many they can get in one minute. We played Jr. High versus High School. Our Jr. High students smoked the High Schoolers!

5) Have extra decks of cards… they go fast!

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