Game Show BlogHappy Friday! Our Friday Favorite comes courtesy of Game Show Blog. GSB is the brainchild of Dave Harris & Steve Stone. These great guys are also affiliated with Digital Stache, Church Tech Talk & Stuff I Can Use (not to be confused with the Stuff You Can Use blog). I encourage you to check out some of their other work in addition to my review of Game Show Blog.

One of the first things you’ll notice about GSB is that the site looks extremely professional and its sleek look makes it easy to navigate. GSB also offers amazing graphics that you can use with each game. In all honesty, I have spent way too much time over the years searching for and creating graphics that I feel match the quality of the game we are playing. They take of that for you in one fell swoop!

You will find a wide array of games that you can play inside or out, with small groups or large, up front or at a home. Two of my favorites are Trump or Animal & Whip It.

The Trump game is a PPT game that you can easily download. You simply guess whether the zoomed in image is one of the Donald’s hair or that of an animal. I love the simplicity and humor incorporated.

Whip It requires a bull whip (though you could substitute a beach towel to make it simpler and easier), a pedestal & a few random items you’d like to whip. Once again, simple, fun and entertaining for those watching.

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