College Pick'emToday has been such a good day that we are going to share with you a bonus game to play with your Youth Leadership Team.

Every year, college football teams participate in an excessive amount of bowl games. Our suggestion is to have some fun with your youth leaders by selecting the winners of each bowl game. The beauty of this is that you can do this through a simple email with a link attached.

The two most popular Bowl Pick ‘Em’s are Yahoo! & ESPN (you can do confidence points or straight picks- straight picks is much faster and easier!) By clicking either of the links, you can either set up an account or use a pre-existing one to participate. I would normally suggest ESPN, but you may have more leaders who already have a Yahoo! account.

Once you set up the account, set up a league and send out the invites. Each leader can start playing by simply clicking on the team you want to select. You might think that those who don’t watch college football are at a great disadvantage, but statistically, it’s pretty even. Oddly enough, if you have someone picking because of the uniform color or the name of the mascot, they tend to score just under the average fan.

If you really want to give them some extra incentive, award a prize to the winner of your group. When it’s all said and done, I can pretty much guarantee that someone who thought they would dominate is going to lose to someone who has absolutely no clue. That, my friends, is what I call awesome!

If you need a little extra fix during the college bowl season, you can join our stumingames group on Yahoo! for straight up picks.

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