Pockets & PursesHappy Thursday! We continue our entire week of games today with, Pockets & Purses. Without further ado, let me introduce the game.

PREP TIME – 5 Minutes

ITEMS NEEDED – 4-10 Sets of The Alphabet (each letter on its own paper)

GAME TIME – 5 Minutes



If you want a game that will get people interacting, this is your game. Group participants into teams of 5-10 and then hand them a packet of alphabet letters.

Once every team has a set of letters, tell them that they have 3-5 minutes (you set the time limit) to find as many things in their “pockets or purses” that start with each letter of the alphabet. Their goal is to get one of each of the 26 letters (most I’ve seen is 25). They will have to be able to reasonably justify each decision and you are the judge if it is too much of a reach.

Also, they cannot use items in the room. The items must come from their pockets, purses or their person (i.e. backpacks, shoes, earrings, etc.)


1. I tend to reward creativity, so if it is not ridiculous, I give it to them.

2. If you want to make it a little tougher, require each person to put in at least one item.

3. I recommend having at least one leader with every group to verify the items. This improves your efficiency and keeps teams waiting less time. If one of the leaders has a questionable item, they can refer to you.

I love this game because it can be hilarious to see what kids carry with them. It also requires a little bit of creativity if they are to cover each letter (I’ve acually had students use other students for certain letters- Quincy & Xavier being the most common).

Once again, let me reiterate that games are meant to be fun! It’s not so much about winning and losing as it is laughing and connecting. At least that’s what I tell the teams that lose!

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